Saturday, November 1, 2008

What happened to October?

October blew right off the calendar! Now that it's November, we can await the birth of our first grandbaby. Webby's due date is today. We're grateful he or she wasn't born before today because DDIL's maternity leave is significantly better than it would've been yesterday. It's the one-year anniversary at her workplace today, which is the date the benefit gets higher.

DS got a digital movie camera for his birthday. We hope this will provide a few video clips for family who aren't nearby enough to see the baby and family often. Between birthdays, family gatherings, being really busy at work, re-roofing our house, the engagement of DD and her newly affianced, all I can say is "whew". The leaves are waiting today, so I'd better get out there and help. It's a deliciously bright and sunny day, even if it's a titch cold. Raking is not my thing so I hope I'll be able to use the leaf blower. I'm all for automation!

In a week, my library will partake in our annual In-Service day. One of our guest presenters will be the local director of our multi-type library system, Metronet. She will be talking about the successes of the first 23 Things on a Stick (Web 2.0/Library 2.0 technologies) and talk about the next Things we in libraryland will be encouraged to learn. I am thrilled to see how many of my colleagues completed 23 Things on a Stick.

Enough here. I'm stickin' the earphones in my ears and hitting the switch on that leaf blower. DH will think I've procrastinated enough! Remember to turn your clocks back tonight.

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Carolnb said...

I hope your new grandchild arrives safely soon.