Thursday, July 31, 2008


I hate it when I waffle. First I don't think I like listening to audiobooks, now I do. But at a big cost. Time is what it costs. The mp3 player (myPod) I have from Sansa works well enough for me, but I kept losing my place in the audiobook I was listening to. If I don't hit the UP button (pause is what this does), the audiobook starts over from The Very Beginning. There is no fast forward (well, not fast enough for me), nor is there a bookmark feature (You Stopped Here).

What I have to do is navigate into the audiobook and advance the run time to approximately where I stopped. The audiobook I have is about 11 hours long and at least 3 times I've had to re-find my place at about 4.5 hours. And this doesn't count the times I stopped incorrectly before I reached 4.5 hours!! Yesterday I showed the player to a friend who has iPod and yep, you guessed it! Back to zero. Now I got smart enough to know my finger hurts after holding down a button for 20+ minutes, so I discovered a pencil with an eraser placed on the button jumps this ahead with more comfort than my finger pressing down. Ever the automator, I will have to try getting a *really* wide rubber band and using some sort of clip on the button so I can set a timer to re-find my place. This is the clip I envision using: (don't tell me if they look familiar :-)
The wide rubber band will protect the case from getting scratched too. I'll let you know how it works later on.

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