Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Came up with a workaround

I ended up not using the alligator clips because I found a vinyl covered clip sort of like a clothespin. It didn't scratch the player, advanced the time quicker than my sore finger would've, and with my timer set (5 minutes per hour), I advanced it. When the timer went off, I was close to where I remembered stopping. Voila! It worked. And I finished the e-audiobook.

Not sure how it got off myPod, but in my computer's Windows Media software, I removed it from a playlist. Plugging in myPod to recharge the battery and sync it, somehow it happened (can you tell I have little faith in this technology?). Made a new playlist and sent the next title to it. The new title got there so I will have to find time to start listening to it. Next I have to figure out how to renew what I have "checked out." The 3 titles I checked out were optimistically checked out at the same time. I had no idea it would've taken me as long as it did to work out the technical machinations, listen to it, and consider the next title. Baby steps will help me become more confident, that's for sure!

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Carolnb said...

Congrats on figurin it out.