Friday, February 17, 2012

In memory of Gina

Today I'm writing to honor my tatting friend Gina, who died earlier this week. Gina and I became friends via the Internet and her Yahoo Groups list, Tatting Goddess Updates. I'm not at all a prolific blogger but a lot of tatters and lacemakers are. After we heard about Gina's passing, a suggestion was made to blog today about Gina and what she meant to us.

I never met Gina in person but it didn't matter. She made you feel like you knew her. She was supportive and encouraging about all lace things. When she traveled she tried to connect with lacemakers wherever she was, and as many people have said, they just knew if they'd met her, they would've been good friends. She had that effect.

Shortly after I joined her Yahoo Group, a Christmas exchange was taking place. People on the list wrote teasingly about the gifts they planned to share, the lace they were including in the gift, when they sent it, and when they received a package that must've been sent somewhere else first. That was all in an attempt to keep the partner anonymous. Rules stated one could not open the package until Christmas! And nobody did. While I was so envious that I'd missed out on the fun, I didn't think my lace making was of good enough quality to share with some of these really good lacermakers. Gina took me as a partner once after I shared my hesitance but partnered me up with people all around the world afterwards. And oh, were those exchanges fun!

Gina posted often about the things she was doing beyond lacemaking: her family, finds she got in antique shops, tea-for-one pots and cups she found, her work, and meeting with friends. When she became a Great Grandmother, she posted in a way that if one wasn't paying close attention to what she said, you'd have thought she had another grandchild. Someone pointed out that it was her child who had a grandchild, not her! I know grandchildren are a blessing, as are children, but great grandchildren? Wow!

Early on after developing a blog-reading list, Gina's was one of two blogs I read religiously. I'll miss not being able to email her with a question, or just to chat. I'll miss reading about her lace life on her blog. Maybe I'll blog a little more often. I know when I tat, I'll think fondly of her. Today, it's about a post to honor someone I admired and will always wish I'd met. Today I'll tat, think of Gina, and have a cuppa tea. Just for her. RIP, dear Gina.

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Carolnb said...

She sounds like a special lady. I'm sorry for your loss.