Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 37-photos and fun

In the earlier version of this exercise I set up a Flickr account. Having seen a lot of libraries use photo rolls, I can see using this or tools like these for promotional purposes, especially for a lot of children's activities, i.e., storytimes, summer reading programs, special programs, and events. Because I have some great photos at home to play with, I plan to use pictures on a home computer to do more of this exercise.

DD discovered there is a great piece of software built into newer Windows machines that times and displays selected photos and applies music. She did one for her cousin's Hawaii wedding this past February, and it will be played on their DVD player at their wedding celebration and open house in the next week or so. It turned out nicely, what with the software knowing how long the song is, being able to time the bleeding of the pictures and melding into the next, and it was free. It seems the sites in this thing either wanted registration or one would be using someone else's pictures, neither of which I want to do. The first one was of a darling bride and groom at their wedding, and she found it on YouTube, but the music was removed from someone at YouTube because it was a copywritten song.

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