Monday, May 11, 2009

Thing 28

I love iGoogle. Correction. I love iGoogle when my computer isn't busy. There are multiple widgets set up on my home desktop, and among these is my favorite: a clock! Trying to be a good steward of time, I keep my eye on this clock (it's a face clock, not the digital one on the bottom of the window's screen) in order to keep track of when I should be changing what I'm doing. The next favorite thing on here is a widget for weather. Although it's not always right, I can glance and see what weather my sister is having.

The photo roll isn't as enticing because instead of going only through my current personal pictures, it also includes those of blogs I follow. I don't want to see all those photos -- I want to see my favorites. If I were able to limit it to what pictures I wanted to see, I'd be much happier. The news snips ~ eh. They're not necessarily new. It's become like the newspaper has, old news, news I've already heard about, or so removed from what I care about that it's not really news then, is it?

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Carolnb said...

Clocks and weather are always fun.