Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thing 36 - Comic Relief

I used the conversion to .pdf tool. This is the productivity tool I've been waiting for. Granted, it's probably been around a while but I didn't seek it out. What I converted was an application for interning at my library. Someone took the application to volunteer and converted it to put it on the library's website and now this one can be placed there in a similar format too.

The next fun thing I did was a fake newspaper headline commemorating the birth of my grandson. Because I murdalized names, I'm not going to post it anywhere visible and plan to delete it once I've chuckled over it one more time.

I made a tinytag but man, was it tiny! You know those ads for enhancement? This tag could use a vitamin V! lol I know they're for embedding and viewing on a computer screen but this wasn't the best use of my time in the end. I really don't foresee libraries (at least not here) generating their own comic strips or even cartoons. There is an unwritten code saying we don't make fun of patrons or books. We should listen to this one -- it's sage advice!

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